Custom Storefronts

With over 23 years of experience in the field, Wizard of Art provides businesses in Hawaii of all sizes with top-notch window treatments and storefront services. Our expert team specializes in creating and installing functional window graphics on storefront windows to give your business a bold, stylish look, create a professional appearance, and provide features like bathroom privacy and solar protection.

Doors and Windows

Are you looking for high-quality decorative window services for your doors and windows? We’ve got you covered! At Wizard of Art, we specialize in providing top-notch services to Hawaii that will not only enhance the look of your space but also provide optimal privacy and boost energy efficiency.

Transform your home into a work of art with Wizard of Art’s breathtaking etched glass work. Doors, windows, glass railings, and mirrors.

Our glasswork is visually appealing and practical, imparting an exquisite touch to any room. Whether it is tropical, marine, or any theme for that matter – Get a “Wizard window” for your home or office.

17 PMG Full Privacy Honu Shower Inside view


The perfect solution for bathroom glass and shower stalls – decorative and privacy treatments to customize your glass!

Our film work goes outside the shower and then is laminated with a clear coat, so maintenance is minimal, and our final product is durable and meant to last for years.


We offer professional solutions for tabletops, transforming ordinary surfaces into stylish focal points. We can transform your plain tabletop into a stylish and personalized piece.



Logo and brand development. Creative services for that unique look to get you noticed. Get the creative edge with your brand by having it designed by the Wizard of Art.

Trust us to provide superior logo options that showcase the professionalism and style of your brand. We are agency quality designers without high overhead.


Custom signs using modern methods, quality materials, and professionally installed. Get professional sign design services for your business or vehicle.


Pearl Matte Graphics -Frosted Graphics

Pearl Matte Graphics offers professionally installed frosted window graphics that provide different levels of privacy.

These graphics create a stunning ambiance, play with light, and add elegance to plain glass surfaces. They can be installed on existing glass to create privacy, beauty, and an elegant play of light.

3d White print

The Wizard of Art’s 3D Frost Print windows are breathtaking. This method utilizes print technology on clear film to create dimensional (with shading and gradations) scenes that are applied to your glass.

It is then laminated with a second coat of clear to protect the printed surface to make this a durable piece of art on your window or door.

8 Partial Privacy Custom Okinawan Design scaled

Customized creative projects!

Push the boundaries of creativity for your next special project that will be sure to captivate and inspire your friends and guests.

Challenge us to think outside the box as we collaborate to create a stunning custom glass masterpiece for you that will be a conversation piece and leave a lasting impression. Let our journey begin today!