Wizard of Art

Kirkland Hurr had the opportunity to learn the decorative glass trade from the best and oldest tint company in Hawaii. The techniques then all started by being hand cut, but now – they have all been streamlined and perfected with the aid of technology. Computers and plotters/cutters are used, which have also enabled the use of more detailed designs. For 23 years, this artist has been designing and installing glass artworks in Hawaii. With a degree in “Advertising Design,” he specializes in custom window designs and the interplay between films, glass, and sunlight. After many years of working in the trade, it was time to start Wizard of Art, Ltd. to keep the creativity and quality desired by his customers but frowned on by his former employer. Wizard of Art, Ltd. was formed in Jan. 2011. Wizard of Art, Ltd. (Kirkland Hurr) currently collaborates with his lifetime artist friend (Gary Godina), known as MeanFish, Hawaii. They have completed numerous residential and commercial installations, including projects at Daniel K Inouye Airport, Rock-A-Hula, Kuakini Medical Plaza, and several US Renal Care Centers, such as those in Ewa Beach, Wahiawa, Waianae, Waipio, and Waipahu, to name a few.

Little known fact – “We will both answer to George.”

About - Wizard Of Art - Kirkland Hurr

Kirkland Hurr / AKA *George

Wizard of Art, Ltd/Owner/Artist

About - Wizard Of Art - Kirkland Hurr

Gary Godina / AKA *George

MeanFish, Hawaii/Owner/Artist

The Process (What to expect)

After initial customer contact is made and the privacy levels and custom window sizes are obtained (either from an onsite visit or provided by the customer), we will provide scale drawings depicting the design options for your windows. We provide greyscale drawings where the frost is depicted with greys, and clear glass appears black! After the design process is approved, we will move on to production. We create all the film work ahead of time in our studio and prepare it for installation by adding transfer tape over the graphics. We will show up on installation day with everything needed for the installation. In most cases, the installation process takes two days. On the first day, the window graphics are applied to your window with the transfer tape still intact, and then we will return on the second day to remove the transfer tape and reveal the final graphics. Our window graphics are very durable, and many have lasted for twenty-plus years on several occasions. On the other hand, if your needs change and you need the graphics removed, they can be removed cleanly, as we are not Tattooing your window! From initial contact to completion, in most cases, is between two to four weeks for most residential installations. We look forward to discussing with you how we can enhance the glass in your home or business!